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We're not 100% sure of the subject of this painting. It has been sold as Worcester Cathedral but we know this cannot be the case. There is some writing on the back that is not in Bingley's own hand and is not totally legible but it looks something like Winchester Cathedral. I'm not sure this is the case either. Its a very nice painting and it has the date on the painting itself which is 1913. It measures 190mmx315mm.

Arch and Chapel Rocks from the Cliffs

"Arch and Chapel Rocks (from the Cliffs) - 1940" Original Watercolour by H H Bingley BWS
Wonderful colours and lovely detail. The painting itself measures 270mmx125mm.

Atlantic Breakers at Droskyn Point

'"Atlantic Breakers" at Droskyn Point - 1947'

High Tide, Penhale Point and Flat Rocks Perranporth

"High Tide Penhale Point and Flatrocks, Perranporth, Cornwall - 1946"
This painting is still in its original frame and with its original glass. The image measures 300mmx167mm.

Sailing, Sailing, Over the Waters Blue

"Sailing, Sailing, Over the Waters Blue" Painted for Ross Bingley by H H Bingley RMS & SM 1967
We were absolutely thrilled to have contact from two of H H Bingley's relatives! This painting was painted for Ross Bingley, one of Henry's great nephews. The painting resides in Canada and is the latest we are currently aware of having been completed just five years before H H Bingley died. We know that RMS stands for Royal Miniaturist Society and SM stands for Society of Miniaturists. The RMS, Founded in 1896, was the first society to devote itself purely to miniature painting.

The Arch and Chapel Rock and Stepping Stones - 1946

"The Arch and Chapel Rock and Stepping Stones - 1946"
This painting was purchased in Cornwall in 1984. The starting point of its collection it has a very special place in its owner's heart. It has good detail in the foreground and the cliff face. It measures 490mmx185mm. It is in its original frame and mount. Note the elaborate mount which Bingley was very fond of and which he made himself. Made up of a collection of key lines, some of which are shaded, it is one of my favourite additions.

The Arch and Chapel Rock Incoming Tide Perranporth 1947

T'he Arch and Chapel Rock "Incoming Tide" Perranporth 1947'
This painting was bought as part of a pair. The other painting is listed below. Both paintings were in their original state but had to be reframed due to damage. Bingley had framed them in his traditional way of using black tape to tape the glass to the backboard rather than using a moulding. There is a good example of this kind of framing at Perranporth Museum.

The Sand Hills Showing Penhale Point Perranporth 1947

"The Sand Hills Showing Penhale Point Perranporth 1947"
Paired with the painting above, this is quite a rare focus for Bingley. It shows great detail of the sand dunes which we haven't come across before. It shows the early stages of the Marram Grass which is now far more abundant in modern day Perranporth!

Penhale Point from Perranporth Beach at Incoming Tide 1945

"Penhale Point from Perranporth Beach at Incoming Tide 1945"

The Peace That Comes At Eventide Sunset at Droskyn Point Perranporth 1945

"The Peace That Comes At Eventide Sunset at Droskyn Point Perranporth 1945"

"The Lyn Valley, Lynmouth 1937"

Lynmouth is a village in Devon, England, on the north edge of Exmoor. The village straddles the confluence of the West Lyn and East Lyn rivers, in a gorge 700 feet (210m) below Lynton, to which it is connected by the Lynton and Lynmouth Cliff Railway. Lynmouth was described by Thomas Gainsborough, who honeymooned there with his bride Margaret Burr, as "the most delightful place for a landscape painter this country can boast". The painting measures 150mmx240mm.

The painting has the printed signature which I think, due to it being painted in 1937, would have been one of the first years of usage.

A Cool Green Glade, Lynmouth

"A Cool Green Glade, Lyn Valley, N Devon" H H Bingley, A.B.W.S, 1937
This is another painting of the Lyn Valley, obviously from the same trip as that of the painting above.

Lake Side Solitude

"Lake Side Solitude" 1967
It also has "No1" which leads me to believe it is part of a study set.

On the River Dart, Devonshire

"On the River Dart, Devonshire"
It took a long time to decipher the almost illegible script on the back of this painting. Eventually we worked out the title and along with it the subject. This is a painting of Dartmouth Castle. It is also painted on rather awful wartime chip paper or sugar paper. This leads me to believe it was painted in the 40s. However, it adds a certain je ne sais quoi!

Sunset Glow

"Sunset Glow over the Sand Hills" Perranporth, Cornwall. 1966

The Peace That Comes At Eventide

"The Peace That Comes at Eventide" Sunset over Dartmouth, Devonshire

The Sunlit Sea

"The Sunlit Sea" Atlantic Breakers on the Cornish Coast, West of England. - 1968
An Oil Painting by H H Bingley. RMS - SM
The board still has the original label on the back. It is painted on Daler Board for Oils. Handmade at Wareham. It has a list of all the stock sizes and denotes that this is 14x18 fine grain. Unfortunately it is quite badly damaged and will have to go through restoration.

This is another wonderful example of what I believe to be washed oils. It is incredibly bright and is currently under non reflective glass for protection. Unfortunately it was framed before it came into the owners possession so the title of the painting is currently unknown. It is probably a Cornish coastal scene.

Bluebell Wood, Tregavethan

"Bluebells in Chyverton Wood" Cornwall

Another lovely painting of a Bluebell Wood. A similar one is to be found on page one of the gallery. Rather than Berkshire this time it is Tregavethan Woods near Truro, Cornwall. There is also an additional figure and a dog. This is the only animal other than sheep and seagulls that I have come across.

Boats off a Cornish Coast

"Off a Cornish Harbour"

Boats Leaving Harbour

We're not sure of the official name of this painting, but it depicts a small fleet of fishing boats leaving harbour for a day's fishing. Unfortunately there is quite a bit of foxing.

A Garden in Springtime, London

"The Garden in Springtime" Woodbury Down Cottage, London 1936

 This is a lovely painting, thanks to KSM for getting in touch. I'm not sure about the location of the cottage or whether it still exists. Anyone who could give us further information, please get in touch. The painting measures 340mm x 240mm.

We're not sure of the exact title of this painting, but I would imagine it would be something along the lines of "From Green to Gold". The painting measures 250mm x 355mm. Thank you to KSM.

This is probably an older painting though I haven't seen the signature. It seems to be of the Cornish Coast and is quite detailed. The painting measures 540mm x 240mm. Many thanks to JR.

Arch and Chapel Rock

"Incoming Tide" Perranporth - 1943

Another classic Bingley title. This example has plenty of pebble detail in the foreground. It was bought during a delayed wartime honeymoon and has remained in the family. Many thanks to MPA for sending us this info.

Incoming Tide Droskyn Point

"Incoming Tide" At Droskyn Point, Perranporth, Cornwall - 1946

One of a pair with its partner posted below. Nice bright colours. Dimensions unknown. Thanks to PF for sending us these photos.

Penhale Point

"Wavelets, Soft Swishing to the Shore" Perranporth Beach, Cornwall (Showing Penhale Point) - 1946

Paired with the painting above. Many thanks to PF

Path to the Sea

"The Path to the Sea" Swanage Bay, Dorset - 1926

An early example of his work, this has his early signature. There is another picture of this scene on page one entitled "Sheep Grazing on a Chalk Cliff" but the foliage is a different hue, perhaps because it was painted in a different season. However, it could just be some artistic licence. You can see some sweet sheep in the foreground and the chalk cliffs in the far distance. We would be interested to find any other paintings of this scene to compare colours. Many thanks to SM for this picture. (420mmx220mm)

Golden Sands, Perranporth

"Golden Sands" Perranporth - 1960

This is quite unusual in dimensions. It measures 275mm x 65mm. The framing is original with Bingley's signature tape, glass and board. The colours are still very bright suggesting it has been kept out of the light. Many thanks to DH.

Old Fishing Smack

This is a fairly old picture judging by the signature. Its quite small, measuring 172mmx102mm. Many thanks to TM for sending a copy of this painting. 


A common scene but very beautifully executed. This version measures 190mmx89mm. Many thanks to TM

Rough Seas at Droskyn Point

 "Rough Sea at Droskyn Point" 


The title given is not in Bingley's handwriting, but is almost certainly correct. It would most likely be confirmed if it was opened up. This painting measures 280mmx190mm. Many thanks to TM 

Silver Birch

No title given for this painting but it is a lovely lakeside scene. Autumnal colours suggest that it may have an autumn themed title. The painting measures 140mmx203mm. Many thanks to TM

St Austell Bay

"St Austell Bay"

Quite an old painting, still with clear, beautiful colours. I love the power of the waves. Measures 356mmx203mm. Many thanks to TM. 

Study in Stones, 1965

"Sermon in Stones" - 1965

A fantastic painting with the unusual focus on the stones in the foreground. A great deal of detail in this painting measuring 152mmx89mm. Many thanks to TM. Paired with "Wavelets Soft Swishing to the Shore"

Atlantic Breakers at Droskyn Point

"Atlantic Breakers" at Droskyn Point, Perranporth, Cornwall - 1947
A watercolour by H H Bingley BWS, The Studio, Perranporth. A lovely painting. Many thanks to ST 

 Quite an old example of Bingley's seascapes. Slightly faded, but easy to see the movement in the waves that Bingley was so good at. Thanks the JK for sending us this image.

An old example of Bingley, using the first signature. Crashing waves over rocks. Bingley seemed to only paint these scenes in his earlier years. This painting measures 368mmx210mm. Many thanks to DB for sending us this photo,






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